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The warm winds of summer will soon give way to Autumn chill, and this year your family got to the beach house late.  You've come here for years with your parents, unleashed upon the island in an almost overwhelming freedom.  You and your summertime friend, CJ, take to your kayaks and paddle through saltwater channels to explore your surroundings.

Never mind that other kids with such freedoms have gone missing in years past.  Or that a strange green glow beckons you from a new island.  Strange how you've come here for years and never seen it before...

In Hindsight is a game that surrounds you in audio atmosphere as you traverse hand-painted scenery.  And all while you unravel the story of a fateful 90's summer.  

Three paths to take, do try to make it out alive!

Approximately 15-20 minutes per run. Game is in beta.  It is complete in this incarnation, but let us know if there's anything we should be aware of!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAtmospheric, chill, Creepy, Hand-drawn, Horror, nostalgic, summer, TyranoBuilder


In Hindsight.app.zip 193 MB
In Hindsight.zip 194 MB


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The oil-painting style and soundtrack deliver that summer vibe pretty well. Short experience and longing for more, actually ^^

Check this out.

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Hello, how many endings are there in this game in total? Cause I've found 4 and now I've got no idea what else I can do in it so just want to confirm if 4 are all of them.

Edit: I liked this game and tried to get all the endings I'm not sure if I did but I got 4 at least, it was a neat game, the only thing is that, there was very lack of sound effects, music and stuff but over all I enjoyed it, good work :)

Hi there, thank you so much for playing through the game and giving feedback! :) We're really happy you overall enjoyed it! 

You are correct in that there are 4 endings in total also. This is our first game so we'd definitely like to improve on audio in the future and this was a good test for now. 

Thanks again for playing!